Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally, re-employed

So, I got a new job. It's actually an additional job. I'm still working at UPS until 8:30 am, then I go down town to a little place called (name edited to protect the innocent). Check them out on the web, www.(don't check them out).com. Pretty crazy.

I went through a temp agency to get the job and didn't even know it was with (NEW COMPANY) until I interviewed. I've known about the company for four or five months, now, though, because I use their services online.

They're an online retailer for digital media publishers, ebooks, movies, music, software, etc. I knew they were in Boise and even thought how cool it would be to work with them, but I could never find any info about how to get hired.

So, here I am, on my first day of work. There's not much training, since I already know what the company does. I'm doing customer support for them in German and English. When I'm CEO I'm going to hire Ben to be the CFO.

Anyway, they're a dot com and the office and people are awesome! I get to wear flip-flops to work. If you can't tell, I'm way excited!

Back to work...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mom and Dad, now on their mission!Holland and Missy! Missy is so tolerant, but Holland really treats her well.

Nichole and Remi having fun!

All the pictures were taken with Holland's digital camera she got for Christmas. She's good!

I took this one the other night with our other camera. Look at those eyes! Look out, boys, here they come! Really...look out...for my shovel!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Badly Needed Update

Hey, it's been a while. We've been busy doing stuff, but I wanted to update before I went to bed. I'm still looking for an additional job. I had a great interview with a local dot com company on Thursday and will hopefully find out in the next day or two if I got the job. They wanted a German speaker with customer service experience. Check and check. Also, I have used their online services for the past 5 months as part of my internet marketing experiments. They were speechless when they realized I was very familiar with their company. They are used to having to explain what they do and having new employees take a few months to catch up. I could jump in and immediately relate to the customers, because I am one.

Nichole's play opened on Friday. I took Holland to see it last night with Nichole's parents and her sister Chantel. Nichole did a great job. I'm really proud of her and what she's been able to do with her acting. I'll be glad when it's over and she can help put the girls to bed more often, but I'm really glad she's been able to do this.

The girls are awesome! They both took rides on Opa's motorcycle on Saturday and had fun. Remi was a little apprehensive, but Holland kept yelling for Opa to go faster, then giggling as he accelerated. We may have to get her a go cart or something.

I'm super tired and have to get up in four and a half hours for work, so I'll write more later. I took a picture of the girls a few nights ago, but it's on the other computer so I'll upload it soon. Check out my website I'm writing it with a business partner, Scott Gibson, and we're doing some cool stuff.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mom and Dad are almost gone.

We're driving mom and dad to the airport in a few minutes. They get to go and see Ben graduate from Thunderbird, then they're going to see mom's aunt in northern Cali. Then they'll be home for 3 nights and then off to Utah and the MTC to get ready for Bogota. Here is the temple in Bogota

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok, so here is our family blog. We've got a couple of business blogs out is the primary one. This one, however, will be all mushy with personal stuff.

So, here's a short blurb about what's going on in our lives. Nichole is in a play called "Moon Over the Brewery." It's her first official play and she has one of the lead roles. It's weird to be on the other side of the memorizing. She's loving it. She is also into fan fiction stemming from her favorite books, the Twilight series. Fan fiction is where fans come up with their own stories based on the characters in the books. She tells me the plots of everyone she reads and I can't believe what some people consider writing. Some sound really good and thought out, but others are beyond dumb. Wow!

Holland is 4 going on 13. She's really amazing. To write it here wouldn't do it justice. I'll say 5 to 7 years, she'll be a household name.

Remi turned 2 a few months ago. She's her own little person and is at that point where she can really be a part of a conversation. In fact, a few days ago we were talking about her with a friend while she played in her room. After a few minutes, she came tromping out with hands on hips and said, "Are you talking about me?" We said that we were. She said, "Well, stop it!" and turned and walked back into her room. Little spitfire!

I'm doing well.

Here are some pics:

Holland and Remi just hanging out. (Literally, for Remi)

Here they are at Christmas. Such pretty girls!

And this is Easter. They went to Oma and Opa's house to hunt for Easter eggs. I always ask myself, "How did I get such pretty girls?" Then I glance over and check out my hot wife. Oh, yeah, that's how...